Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Getting Started

I had this blog setup now for 3 months, and despite my best efforts, I really had a hard time putting my thoughts down. I want my blog to have some form of meaningful content so I've wiped out what I've previously put up and I trying to start over with some useful information.

I'd like to start off with some of the sites and resources I've found useful... mostly on a daily basis.

Gmail - If you haven't heard about Gmail take a look. For some reason unknown to me it's still in beta and you still have to be invited to join. Getting you setup is no problem because anybody that already has one has way more invites than they could possilbly use. If you're having trouble getting an invite, let me know and I help you get started

GuruNet/Answers.com - Find information about just about anything you need. Define a word, learn about a far away country, read about a famous person, or a not so famous person, or even find out who won the 1972 world series and how many people saw it happen. Beyond being useful, my bet is that google will soon be buying up this great resource for themselves. Thiat is of course if someone else doesn't beat them to it.

FireFox - A free, multiplatform, standards compliant, user friendly internet browser. In other words, it works, will work in the future, won't cost you a dime and has great features like tabs, and a load of free extensions that can do everything search the internet to read rss feeds. (What is an RSS feed?)

Google Maps
- We've all seen map applications on the internet, but if you've not seen google maps yet you're in for a nice surprise. I'll let google maps speak for itself.

XHTML & CSS - This one doesn't come with one obvious link. If you have a website and your website isn't making full use of the highly valuable technology, stop on by my website and let's get started on getting you setup the right way for you web presence.

CNET - If you want to learn about new technology (digital cameras, DVR's, Mp3 players, etc) take a look at cnet.com. They offer product reviews and a great deal of useful information when it comes to consumer electronics of all kinds. Also, a part of cnet is news.com a place I visit daily for tech news.

- A phone book resource I've been using for quite some time now. It gives you quick and easy access to the most popular phone books online.

ZabaSearch - A hotly contested personal information site that has conglomerated publicly available personal information in one place. Go ahead, look yourself up and learn about how much of your personal information is just a click away for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Also, I came across this article a few days ago about finding ways to get yourself off this site.

Other interesting ideas and technology items I have come across and would like to explore more are...

Clear Cube - An entire companies desktop computers managed in one rack

Knoppix Linux
- An entire linux operating system including tons of software that boots and runs off one one CD. If you wondered what linux is and and want to play with it yourself, I highly recommend checking this out.

MythTV - Build your own DVR (check out this system episode for a simple guide)

PalmOne Treo 650 - Currently my favorite gadget that goes with me everywhere.

- The latest thing in audio, podcasting uses existing RSS technology to release daily, weekly or as created audio and lately video content over the internet. Instead of visiting a favorite website to download the latest audio or video, use a podcast reciever to get the latest audio and video automatically downloaded to your desktop as soon as it's released.

This Week in Tech - The guys that did The Screen Savers on TechTV everynight have found a way to get back together. They produce a podcast/mp3 audio program about once a week that I enjoy listening to.