Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Wildly Expensive. Amazingly Functional. The future of keyboard evolution. The Optimius Maximus keyboard has a very appropriate name. It's a work of art, but, just like great art, you pay a high price. This keyboard weighs in a about $1500. What's so different about it that makes it work $1500? Every key on this keyboard is a small OLED screen. You can change the keys display. Say you want to type in chinese. No problem. A new keyboard layout? sure.

Many people have seen and used keyboards on touch screens. You may have even seen the infrared keyboard projector for a palm or handheld device. But this is different. For me, it's all about tactile feedback. I want a button that depresses so that I can tell I have actually activated the key. Software keys just don't offer the kind of touch feedback I need.

Perhaps not now, but someday in the future, I can definitely see more and more new and innovative interface products. Because, the reality is, not everything can be done with voice commands, somethings are just meant for the keyboard.

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