Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hello World from Arduino

So, in the spirit of posting things that are worth something, perhaps to someone, I’m starting out with the projects I’ve been working on, but haven’t really taken the time to talk about or highlight. It’s actually great that I can pick things up again by posting something that I’ve actually completed, so, here goes what I’ve been working on in the microelectronics world.
My first full and completed project is something that most people would use a simple string for. In fact, I have a string in my garage for parking my car, but it’s fun to make things and I wanted to learn… so I made a parking helper with an arduino UNO board (really it’s a clone, but everyone calls them that because arduino got it started).
The project uses an adaufruit charlieplex, an ultrasonic sensor and a classic infrared sensor (like you’ve seen in home alarm systems) to display the distance from the back wall in centimeters (yes, I’m an American, and I was too lazy to convert it to inches!).
I built the whole thing and posted it on my github if you are interested.

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