Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hello World from Fusion 360


fusion 360 3d design
Today’s image is brought to you by Autodesk’s Fusion 360. I’m a hobbiest, and they’ve done the most wonderful thing and allowed those of us wanting to learn 3d CAD to learn it without having to pay anything for the privilege!
I’ve been tinkering with Fusion360 since the end of last year when I began to use a new 3d printer. Over time, I’ve found something interesting to go learn about, and picked it. The great thing for me is that you can become 80% effective at something and leave the other 20% to the experts.
So far, my exploits include: pool cleaner parts, replacing broken plastics parts of things I’ve bought at the store, trays, boxes, cases, mounts, and the moment of greatest pride a brand new handle for my daily coffee mug (I got it all right on the first try!)

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