Saturday, July 28, 2018

Technology, Humanity, and Me

Each day I get up and consider all the projects I have in my life.... family, faith, work, home, hobbies, investing, maintenance, education, experimentation...

What to work on?! There is so much wonderful, exciting, amazing, things to explore and learn about. I recently had the chance to experience the Hamilton play, and one two details of the play stuck out to me... That Alexander Hamilton "read every treatise he could get his hands on" and he "[wrote] like [he] was running out of time". That was over 200 years ago. Today, we can write any time we want, with practically zero friction to the process of thinking to writing to editing to publishing. This blog is a prime example. I can write this post in a few minutes and publish it with the click of a single button and the whole world can practically read it.

This acceleration in time from idea to share to implement applies to every part of the human experience. This is the tragedy of our current technological existence. We have within our reach to do practically anything, in a way that no other existence has allowed.

It's wonderful that I find myself overwhelmed. I wonder that I was ever board as a kid. In fact, I wish I had some of that time back, so that I could use it to something more interesting. Alas, that is not possible, and even today I don't spend every waking moment on projects. We must take the time to stop. We have slow down to experience what goes on around us, and to take it all in. We as humans are beginning to truly appreciate the wonders of our own existence, and technology (for me at least) has only served to more clearly show the incredulity of our existence.

There is such a mix of realities... from small to large; simple to complex to ponder. If you can't understand it, there is likely a model of it, that someone has thought up to help aid in understanding it. That in itself, is a wonder. Models... are just that: not reality. But they are extremely useful in understanding complex things. We may not actually understand the thing we are studying, but models can help us understand some parts of the whole, and thus our understanding (while imperfect) is improved.

Beyond that though, it is incredible to realize what we DO understand. The mastery of the controlling the electron and capturing physics to launch into space. How have we allowed ourselves as a people to lose the excitement of these incredible achievements!? We must, because there are a million things that exceed or extend these two technologies alone.

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