Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Top 10 weirdest keyboards ever - Fosfor Gadgets

The Top 10 weirdest keyboards ever - Fosfor Gadgets

If you're in the market for a new keyboard, check these out. My personal favorite is the laser projected keyboard. I think we will see more like this in the future. The most difficult thing about this keyboard is that absence of tactile feel when typing, but that's only because weve become so used to tapping a key. Most sci-fi keyboards you see deal with tapping on a window of some kind, so this doesn't really seem to far out there.

The other keyboard that interests me is the frogpad. I actually found myself searching for all the letters of the alphabet on the keyboard. I can see a good application of this keyboard on aircraft. The new model Airbus has a glass cockpit with a joystick instead of a flight yoke to make room for a keyboard. If you used a frogpad, you wouldn't need to do this because you would only need one had to do the typing (this could also work well for a fighter jet also).

Most of the other incarnations of the keyboard we know deal with ergonomic designs for those who are having trouble with a repetetive stress disorder or disability. Here's to hoping it won't come to that for me sometime in the future.

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