Sunday, July 16, 2006

A loud and long Sunday night

We've had a typically busy Sunday for our time in Mexico. The typical church service followed by VBS planning so that things can move along nicely during the week. It was pretty normal for the remainder of the afternoon, lunch immediately following arrival back at the hotel, followed by a puppet meeting followed by music, followed by a group meeting where we exchange names for prayer partners and make final announcemnts for how Monday will be for the first day of VBS.

A little different was a dinner buffet (because the hotel didn't and in my opionion kind of still doesn't have their act together) that included desert. Desert after dinner in mexico was a bit different, but certainly not bad and certainly not longer than usual.

The strange part came when it was time for the film. We arrived at the church about 7:50, fairly normal for a sunday. They already had the music roaring and were planning on starting the film inside the church at 8pm! This was wierd, standing outside the church waiting was a different experience in the day light. Even more so, we were'nt able to do music because the church has already settled with their music and there just wasn't time for us to do anything before they planned to begin the film.

But then it gets loud. really realy loud. Apparently, a neighbor of the church was either nearly deaf, had a bone to pick with the church, or just had a need to be obnoxious. He had had both speakers of his sound system facing out of his front window, toward the church at as high a volume as possible without having the sound be totally distorted. This went on pretty much all night long. It was difficult, for two reasons... 1.) Really frustrating to have someone act in such a belligerent manner and 2.) really hard on the ears. Hard to think... hard to hear and to be honest I really feel a bit dizzy from the whole thing.

Anyway, we finished up the film and headed home and we were back at the hotel by an early 10:00. Now it's time to get ready for another full day of interesting sights, sounds, people and hopefully fun.

P.S. See my previous entry for a link to my Flickr Mexico 2006 photoset.

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